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Lexus to Exhibit ‘LS’ Premiere Concept Car at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Lexus plans to exhibit its soon-to-be-launched, all-new “LS” flagship sedan among 11 production models it intends to display at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017, where it also plans to hold the world premiere of a new concept car.

The LS is to be joined by the “LC” luxury flagship coupe, which launched in March symbolizing the dawn of a new era for Lexus, the partially redesigned “CT” compact hybrid hatchback, and the “NX” luxury crossover, among others. Complete details of the new concept car are to be revealed at the motor show venue and through a press release on October 25.

Since its initial launch in 1989, the LS has earned a reputation for smooth and powerful performance, as well as for exceptional quietness and comfort. Now in its fifth generation, in addition to taking on a daring coupe silhouette while preserving ample interior space and providing a more-emotional experience, the all-new LS, as Lexus’s flagship model, is equipped with a number of advanced technologies, achieving monumental advances in innovation as the symbol of the Lexus brand.

Toyota to Debut Next-generation Century at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Toyota Motor Corporation is scheduled to showcase the new Century (to be released in the middle of 2018) at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017*1, taking place from October 25 through November 5 at Tokyo Big Sight. The theme of this year’s show is “Beyond the Motor.”

The new 3rd generation Century carries on the tradition of master craftsmanship and high-quality monozukuri (all-encompassing manufacturing) while realizing high-demand environmental performance and a design layout that pursues passenger comfort. The interior and exterior design injects new charm into the Century in line with its heritage. Moreover, the new Century features advanced equipment and comfort amenities only suitable for a luxury limousine.

Specifically, the Century is now powered by a 5.0-liter V8 hybrid system for outstanding fuel efficiency. In addition, the wheelbase has lengthened, the height difference between the scuff plate and floor has decreased, and the height of the door opening has increased, all of which are refinements improving the rear seat riding experience. The intricately glamorous and chic exterior is highlighted by traditional Japanese design elements used throughout the car including the grille and black trim on the rear combination lamps. The interior features a raised ceiling*2 design and exclusive fabric while the adjustable rear seats (with massage function), are upgraded with a power leg rest for first-class comfort and a sophisticated riding experience.

Daihatsu shows versatile super compact cargo van

Toyota-owned compact car specialist Daihatsu has released images of a concept cargo van ahead of its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. The DN Pro Cargo concept traces its roots to one of the company’s first vehicles, the 1957 Midget.

Daihatsu celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. During the first half or so of its life, it was primarily an engine company. In 1957, during Japan’s post-war reconstruction it produced a very simple but stylish three-wheeled truck that was half motorcycle half pickup. The Midget made use of the most vehicles best suited for Tokyo’s narrow streets, motorbikes, and attached a bed for cargo.

The Midget II of 1996-2002 graduated to four wheels but stayed in the kei family. The DN Pro carries on that theme, with cross-eyed headlights and grille-less nose referencing the 3-wheeler’s design. It’s also finished in the classic Midget’s mint green.

Mazda to debut two new concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda will showcase two concept models at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month with one car exhibiting the manufacturer’s next-generation products, and the other heralding its future design methods.

The product concept will be a compact hatchback according to the Japanese marque, with the car utilising Mazda’s next-generation SkyActiv vehicle architecture. The next-generation technology featured on the car will be based on Mazda’s human-centred design philosophy that will deliver optimum functionality.

The product concept will also feature the new SkyActiv-X engine that will be an exhibit in its own right. It will be the world’s first commercially available petrol engine to use compression ignition, which Mazda claims will offer refined dynamic performance.

Also to be revealed is the design concept, though little is known about it ahead of its grand reveal in Tokyo. Mazda claims the design concept to be more significant than the 2012 CX-5 that saw the debut of Mazda’s Kodo design language.

While two new concepts will be debuted, Mazda will also unveil a new crossover production car called the CX-8. The three-row crossover SUV will feature an upgraded version of the SkyActiv-D 2.2-litre diesel engine. The CX-8 goes on sale in Japan in December but it’s not known if and when it will come to the UK.
Mazda’s classic MX-5 roadster will also make an appearance alongside their future-orientated concepts. A special Red Top edition of the famed sports car will be unveiled in Tokyo, which will feature a red canopy roof and auburn leather interior.

Yamaha to Debut Concept Car at Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha Motor Co. is bringing a concept car to the Tokyo auto show later this month. The company best known for its motorcycles and powersports vehicles revealed few details other than that it will be an “automobile design concept,” but here’s hoping for a follow-up to 2015’s Sports Ride concept.

The Sports Ride concept was an ultralight two-seat sports car based around the iStream manufacturing process designed by Gordon Murray, the designer of the McLaren F1. That process features extensive use of carbon fiber and is said to dramatically lower the cost of vehicle production. The iStream platform consists of a lightweight, high-strength chassis that accommodates multiple body styles by bonding different composite panels to the frame.

The Sports Ride concept weighed in at just 750 kg and was around 153.5 inches long, or just slightly longer than a Lotus Exige. No details on the powertrain were given, but Autocar says Yamaha is developing the engine, which could be a tuned version of the turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder that debuted in the Yamaha Motiv concept. Both the Motiv and the Sports Ride were based on the same iStream platform.

Yamaha will also bring an updated version of its motorcycle-riding robot, a four-wheeled electric mobility concept, and a futuristic motorcycle prototype that looks like it was plucked from the cyberpunk world of Akira.