Daihatsu shows versatile super compact cargo van

Toyota-owned compact car specialist Daihatsu has released images of a concept cargo van ahead of its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. The DN Pro Cargo concept traces its roots to one of the company’s first vehicles, the 1957 Midget.

Daihatsu celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. During the first half or so of its life, it was primarily an engine company. In 1957, during Japan’s post-war reconstruction it produced a very simple but stylish three-wheeled truck that was half motorcycle half pickup. The Midget made use of the most vehicles best suited for Tokyo’s narrow streets, motorbikes, and attached a bed for cargo.

The Midget II of 1996-2002 graduated to four wheels but stayed in the kei family. The DN Pro carries on that theme, with cross-eyed headlights and grille-less nose referencing the 3-wheeler’s design. It’s also finished in the classic Midget’s mint green.